Is there anything better in this world than the crazy, loud, messy, funny life that comes with children?

I’m so thankful that my seven hearts and I were able to leave an oppressive, unhappy, abusive life behind and exchange it for abundant living. We can pursue our dreams, love whomever we choose, explore this gigantic world, listen to music, joke with each other, snuggle, and cry on each others’ shoulders.

When we have disagreements, it’s so good to know we are allowed to have these times, that they will pass, and that we all feel safe even if we are feeling disappointed with each other. Unless you’ve known real fear of another human this may be a concept you won’t fully understand.

Lately, while I’m making dinner, my teen boys hang out with me and talk about whatever is going on in their lives. It’s my favorite time. We spent this evening doing just that as I made tuna salad.

I love telling my kids silly, fantastical little stories and I always chuckle when they fall for whatever yarn I’m currently spinning. I was surprised and pleased when young Jedi took up the gauntlet tonight and told Scout that the orange things in the tuna salad (which were actually shredded carrots) were tuna tongues. I backed him up and explained that I hadn’t felt like removing the little tongues as I usually do because I was having a lazy day. That didn’t keep her from eating — she said she couldn’t taste them. Eventually I told her they were really carrots, but I love the light-hearted silliness of my children.

This all may seem pretty inconsequential to you, or maybe it’s just something that is taken for granted by others, but not to us. Our abuser didn’t allow for joking around or harmless pranks. He forbade us from any type of jesting because he said it was mean-spirited and that if I joked with my kids they’d never be able to tell when I was serious and when I was not. We lived a stifling existence that lacked any joy.

So this is why I celebrate the banter between the kids and myself. It’s not at all hurtful, we don’t intend any harm in this playful repartee, and my kids definitely know how to tell when I’m serious and when I’m joking.

Family. They make my life worth living.

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2 thoughts on “Family

  1. Ravven says:

    I wish I could still be there for those moments. Sometimes it makes me sad and I feel like I am missing out on so much. But I am so thankful to have a family that doesn’t need distance to define the strength between us. Love you ALL so much! ,3

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