I’m having difficulties with how certain people are treating my children. It causes anger and resentment in me. I end up putting those people at arm’s length, whether it’s right of me to do or not. Most often when someone wrongs one of my children I say something, but lately it’s causing me to look inward at what I’m doing and how I’m reacting to my kids. I feel that before I speak to someone else about their negative behavior, I need to make sure I’m not doing the same.

I see how my attitude hasn’t been really great — I get frustrated too easily or I expect things from a person that may be a bit beyond their maturity level. In trying to keep the every day things in line and progressing, I’ve lost sight of how special the people I live with really are.

Ick. It’s hard to write that about myself.

I’ve been focusing lately on being softer with them, more lenient with the trivial things, loving them enough to smooth my sharp edges. I hope they can sense the change and breathe a bit easier that crabby mommy is reigning herself in. I blow it still with certain things that really push my buttons, but understanding¬†why those buttons are even there to be pushed is half the battle for me. Then I can work on dismantling them.

I love my hearts more than anything else and an evaluation of myself and my parenting is the only way I know to keep getting better and being better.

It feels right and good.

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