Dog Lover


I’m a dog lover. We always had dogs when I was growing up, so maybe that helped foster my adoration for all things canine. Just as there are certain people who greatly impacted my life, there are also certain dogs who came into my life and helped me see what unconditional love really meant.

When my oldest son was born I decided it was time to adopt a dog into our family, because in my mind every little boy needs a dog with whom to explore the world. We lived on a farm, so I knew any dog worth its salt would make sure to watch over and protect its pack mates. So Rail drove me, little four-year-old Melody, and Artie to a local animal protective league and I walked through seemingly endless rows of kennels looking for ‘my dog’. The shelter was housing hundreds of unwanted dogs — beautiful, loving creatures who had been callously discarded by their families. I do believe every one of those animals knew why all the strangers came to visit, pacing the halls of forsaken dogs. The animals were incredibly excited to see people so they were barking, jumping, turning in circles, doing anything they could to gain attention.

We strolled past one kennel which housed a lone white shepherd mix who perched quietly on her haunches in the middle of her kennel. She didn’t make a sound, but quietly watched me with an anxious, shy look in her beautiful blue eyes.

Is it you who will love me and give me a forever home? 

I walked through the entire shelter, but that sweet white dog was all I really saw. I asked to meet her and we were directed to a private room to wait. A volunteer brought the dog to us and she entered quietly and immediately sat in front of me as if she wanted to get a good look at me. She looked over all of us, didn’t even flinch when Melody wrapped her in a bear hug, never looked the least bit upset over the fussy newborn in the stroller.

I put my hand out to her and she raised her paw to shake. When I looked back at her face she was grinning.

I don’t think I even have to tell you she came home with me that day. I named her Angel because that’s what I knew she was.

I had wanted to find a companion for my son, but Angel made it clear from day one that I was her number one. She loved the kids with a heart as big as the sun, but she was absolutely devoted to me. Where I went, she went. I don’t think there was ever the slightest discord between us – she always seemed to know what I expected and she happily delivered.

As Rail became more abusive, poor nervous Angel began taking sanctuary in the front hall. She stopped sleeping by my bed and slept blocking the front door. Sometimes, during the night, Melody would creep out of bed with her blanket and go snuggle with Angel, afraid that the dog would get cold and lonely.

I never had one worry with my sweet dog around my children or anyone else. She was thin-boned and delicate, the ultimate lady. She was always soft and gentle — loving and devoted.

When I was away for hospital stays Angel would stay by the door, refusing food or company until my return. Her loyalty touched me in a deep and profound way and it made me want to give it right back to her.

Angel was with us for many years — always faithful and always waiting right by the door for me. In my life, she’s the only living being who has ever done that faithfully. My husband and children are glad to see me when I come home, but Angel always made sure I knew that I was her sun and her moon — what a feeling! A dog’s adoration is a gift!

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