We all have them to one degree or another.


They keep us bound from seeking out a full and abundant life, or from completely embracing all that we could be and do. They hamper our actions and impede positive thinking, all the while miring us in self-doubt and loathing.

A few years ago I was driving to college and a song from the Eagles that I’ve sung thousands of times came on the radio. As I sang the lyrics they really hit home:

“So often times it happens

That we live our lives in chains

And we never even know

We have the key.”

I was floored by that concept.

At that time in my life I was just beginning my recovery from severe domestic violence. I trusted few people, suffered from severe depression and PTSD, and I was hurting desperately for my kids and their broken lives.

It was that moment – that epiphany – that became a turning point for me. It helped me understand that the chains of fear and hatred that were binding me and slowing my progression were self-imposed. I was able to look at who was really holding me back and I saw plainly that it was me.

It wasn’t an immediate transformation for me — I had to slowly unlock one chain at a time, but each shackle I shed left me feeling lighter in spirit and I was able to stand taller and move ahead faster than ever before.

When I lose my focus on life I find myself weighted down — fettered yet again with bonds of my own device. Sometimes it take a while to understand I am yet again trying to run in leg irons and many times the realization doesn’t come until I’ve fallen flat on my face.

I encourage you today, wherever you are in your walk, whatever you are going through, find the key for the chains that are binding you and cast them off. It is never too late to run full speed into an abundant life.



Thank you for joining me again for the A-Z September blogging challenge. I hope you’ll visit the blogs of some other participants and amazing writers!


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