I find it incredible that my hubster hasn’t had a vacation since his teen son was a toddler. To me, that’s just not right, but I understand that finances don’t always allow for vacations, and that family was more important. That’s a good thing, actually, but everyone needs a break — a time to recharge — to let body, mind, and spirit renew. I suggested we plan a vacation in August and everyone was on board with the idea — we all need a break and it will continue to help our blended family bond.

It’s no easy task to plan a vacation for 9 kids and 2 adults. I started doing some research regarding how to take a trip with a large family. Most people consider a large family to be 5 or 6 people, so many of those recommendations won’t work for our family. I did come up with the idea to rent a cabin or a vacation home. Renting an RV would be ideal, but I cannot find an RV that will sleep 11 people, so I’ve ruled that out. My husband said it looks impossible to find a way to take a vacation. I don’t believe that. So I’ll continue to research and look for options, even if they seem unconventional.

I’m determined to plan something. We need a good and positive thing to keep us looking forward. I want to give this time to my family because they’re growing up and the kids won’t be with us forever. I’d like the kids to know what a family vacation is — we took them regularly when I was a child and I have wonderful memories and tons of stories from those trips.

So if you read this and you have an idea or a suggestion, please offer it up.

With thanks and many blessings,



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