There are certain breeds of dogs that will latch hold of something, lock their jaws down and not let go. I’m like that sometimes. Once in awhile I’m so outraged by something that try as I might I cannot let it go.  I was sitting in the Cleveland Clinic today with Atticus and he asked me if I’d decided on my ‘j’ word for today. I told him I would most likely write about my late cousin, Jed, if God didn’t drop something else in my lap. Then I brought up Facebook on my phone and BOOM! there it was — my ‘j’ story. When I read about what was happening to Julie I was angry and I had one of those latch-onto-it-and-can’t-let-it-go moments. Most times when I get like that the only thing that helps is to write — so here I am.

I don’t personally know Julie, but she was a victim of domestic violence, who, like me, is now a survivor. She’s fighting back, taking control of her life, working to put her abuser behind bars — a place where he’s earned the right to be.

Let me pause here. I want to just remind everyone that abusers work to create a persona outside the home of being a great person. At home, they become someone else entirely, but to the public they have an illusion to uphold. The only way to shatter the facade and bring the light of truth to the nasty secret of domestic violence is for victims to stand up and tell someone. It isn’t easy — many times we know our lives are at risk if we open our mouths. Regardless, exposing an abuser is a very critical step in leaving. Now, back to Julie…

I was reading the post of a page I follow on Facebook about a lovely young woman named Julie. She had been badly beaten by her significant other and chose to share the photos on her domestic violence page, Real Love Doesn’t Hurt. Facebook took down her pictures because her abuser reported them. Of course he did, he doesn’t want his little secret let out of the bag! This is the reality for victims of abuse: we are abused and blamed instead of holding the responsible party — the abuser — accountable.

So I decided to use my blog to help empower Julie. She’s taking a stand, she’s fighting for her life and her freedom and I am on board with her. I’m including the photos that Facebook banned. I truly wish I could do more.


Blessings to you, Julie. Keep fighting!


6 thoughts on “Julie

  1. Rob-bear says:

    Gutsy posting — by Julie and by you. As long as people don’t know, nothing changes.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

    • Thank you, Bear. I’m not one to sit by and watch. I wept in frustration yesterday when I wanted to do something for Julie, but felt powerless. This was what I could do. I appreciate your encouragement and I know Julie does, also.

  2. Wendy Russell, Strathroy, Ontario, Canada says:

    You got grit girl – Thank you for drawing attention to this story!

    • “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
      ~ Edmund Burke — This has been my motivator for quite awhile now. I won’t be silent. Thank you for your encouragement, Wendy!

  3. Victoria says:

    Wendy, thank you for posting this!! You did a fantastic job!! I am still banned from posting on MEV for 24 hours LOL because of the jerk (but I still have my ways hehe), I cant share the pic, but I am going to share the link to your blog as well as cut and paste your site, thanks hon – Victoria

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