My husband is an amazing man. He has the ability to take something that can be hard to understand or explain and break it down into simple concepts. It’s a gift from which I benefit quite often.

We have very similar views on most everything but once in awhile we differ. Quite recently we were talking about a very delicate social issue that I don’t have a problem with, but he is against. I told him why I’m not against it, and he explained that, although he basically thinks the same as I do, he knows God sees it differently, so he’s making his decision based on what God says. Then the next part was what helped me understand him. He said that God knows so much that we don’t and He obviously has a reason for nixing this certain issue, so he’d rather err on the side of God than on the side of man.

Of course, I’m not using exact words and the conversation was more in-depth than that, but it’s the simple way he broke it down and helped me to understand: God obviously has a reason that I cannot see, so just trust in Him and He will sort it out.

God provided the woman to be a helpmeet to the man, but my Atticus gives me so much, he blesses me every moment with the help he gives.

Gigi and Atticus

Gigi and Atticus


2 thoughts on “Help

  1. EmmlyJane says:

    You are lucky to have such a wonderful husband! ~~ Emmly Jane

    • Sometimes I wonder why God didn’t put us together many, many years ago, but I truly believe that our mutually horrible marriages are what make us appreciate and treasure each other so completely now. I know what a good man is and I get to wake up next to him every day.

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