Today I can write about my favorite ‘f-word’. It’s a word I never take for granted. Being free is a gift. When I left my abuser and was able to buy my own cell phone, it was the first password I chose for the keypad.

I don’t think we can truly appreciate freedom until we have experienced bondage of some sort. When I was free from my abusive husband I celebrated every little freedom. He hadn’t allowed me to cut my hair. In the shelter, just a few days apart from him, I took a pair of scissors and cut off 2 feet of hair. It was liberating, but it was also my way of permitting myself to take control of my life. I quickly realized, and delighted in the fact, that I could wear makeup, choose my own clothes, pick my friends, watch whatever movies I wanted, see my family. The list was long.

Freedom is a privilege. Being free does not mean I can do whatever I want. It means I possess the ability to choose to do what is right — to make good decisions that benefit my family. Sometimes I’m not sure whether I’m doing a good job, or screwing my kids up even more, but I believe that if I’m following God’s plan and walking in my faith, He’ll make everything right.

I’m remarried now to the best man I’ve ever known. He understands how much my freedom means to me. Not once since I’ve known him has he ever attempted to tell me what to do or what to be. He loves me and encourages all the things that are important to me. In return, I give him everything I am, because I have the freedom to choose to.

Freedom is a wonderful gift.


8 thoughts on “Free

  1. Noel says:

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. Keep up the great work. I am glad you found freedom too.

  2. Heidi Mannan says:

    Freedom is a marvelous thing. That’s so wonderful that you are free now.

  3. EmmlyJane says:

    I cheered when I read you cut your hair. Have a blessed day.

    • the shelter director almost croaked when she heard what I was doing. She came running to my room telling me we could make a salon appointment and I could have a makeover. She didn’t understand that in cutting my hair I was reclaiming my power. Blessings to you, also, EmmlyJane!

  4. That we can be free in our minds and from those thoughts that bring us down is a great gift. Prayers to you and your family, we can but strive to be better and impact on them in a positive way, but God said that he would never leave us or forsake us, he has our backs! Blessings

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