Another Miracle In My Life

I have a very special guest post today. It was penned by my best friend…the love of my life…my hubster, Atticus. I asked him to write his side of our love story since you’ve already read my version. He handed it to me today, Valentine’s Day, and I’m so excited to share his story with you on this holiday for lovers!

Growing up and going through all the stages of being a kid and into my teens I realized that I was a family man, and that I was going to grow up and be married and have children. It was an innate desire it seems I’ve always had.

Early in my first real relationship, when she had a son and didn’t want to get married and have kids, I thought that God’s plan was a little different than mine. But through some ups and downs, years later we ended up getting married and had three kids of our own. It was a wonderful plan that God gave me, as He had saved my life a few years before and I thought I was never going to have kids.

As things changed in her life, she realized that she didn’t want marriage and had to remove me from the picture. So after the devastating thoughts and knowing my kids were going to be taken from me — after years of seeing them every day — it was a very hard trial, and took time and patience. God helped me through and gave me confidence that he had a plan. I started going to church regularly to pray and bring Jesus to my kids. It made all the difference to know that this was the right thing to do. I knew in my heart that to follow God’s plan was the best course of action. All of my plans fail but God’s do not. If I stick with His plan, every and all things will work.

During a very dark and depressing point in the loss of the kids and the divorce I voiced a very deep prayer for all things to get better. I was on the edge of losing sanity and prayed, “Dear God, can you bring someone into my life to help me get through it?” The next day I received a message from Gigi. I could not believe it. As the days passed and our conversations grew, I knew it was an answer to my prayers. The peace and refreshing outlook on life was so great. I met someone so wonderful and we got along so well, as if I’ve known her my whole life. It felt so good to know someone like this, but was it real…was it God’s plan? I needed to know….

I kept my vigilance in taking my kids to church on Sundays. I got them every weekend so it wasn’t too bad. I invited Gigi to join us for worship but needed to reacclimate her and her kids to church. She had just recently gone through a very troubling marriage and was very hesitant to go, but as time went on it became very enjoyable.

My kids met her kids and seemed to hit it off right away, but the fact that there were ten of them together seemed like a big number. I wasn’t worried because I trusted God. I love kids and I taught a chess class for two years and liked it very much, so ten kids wasn’t that hard for me.

We would talk every day and get together a couple of times a week. We laughed and enjoyed each others company. It went from three kids on weekends to ten kids on weekends but it didn’t matter. As long as we did things together everything seemed to work out.

It was that way when I wasn’t ill, but I was getting sick and going to the hospital more and more. She was there for me and the kids all the time. Even at a time when I was sicker than I thought I was, she knew and followed me home. It was very comforting to know God put someone in my life who cared so much and gave so much for me. I was not used to that, and was hesitant on the next step to take because my health was getting worse. I kept up my spirits when I could and took it day by day, all the time not realizing that we both were healing and growing out of the bad marriages we had been in.

Things were getting better — we were getting closer — but I wasn’t sure if the time was right…was this it…was she the one…were we ready…did I really love her…was it too good to be true?

I prayed.

I waited, not pushing, but waiting for God’s next plan. I looked elsewhere, but God turned my head around and said, “You asked and I gave her to you…what are you waiting for?” Then after a big shove, I gave in and said no more waiting…this is it. I let go of not being sure whether I was doing the right thing. I was in love and God was blessing it. I wanted to be with my love until the end of time and the relief of hiding and waiting and not being sure were gone. I let go and just started loving. It was wonderful, not being afraid, not hiding behind uncertainty, and just enjoying what God gave me.

I was in love…I was in love.

The thought of being in love when I never thought it would happen again was an emotional high, so we stepped on the gas pedal and moved on in our lives. I am so glad and happy for my new and last wife, whom I love so much, though it might not show all the time. If you could just see the way we laugh, dance, touch, adore, hold hands, walk, pray, think, see each other, smile, dream, hug, comment on things we see, teach, want to be together, miss each other, love the kids, and never want to be apart.

Some other people think this is crazy, but they can’t find it in them to be content…to be in a soft warm bed so …comfy…no worries, bright sunshine in the windows. Why get up and go to work? Why get up and worry?

No, it is not always so great and wonderful, but life isn’t, either. Being in love and having a happy marriage, having a big family, trusting God and loving Jesus — these things so much outweigh the struggles of being poor, not knowing how bills are going to be paid, how we will feed everyone, or how to teach the kids to be the best they can be. All the problems of every family can be a little much, but God’s got a plan. This is one step. I’m waiting for the next…


2 thoughts on “Another Miracle In My Life

  1. Sandra Romero says:

    This is absolutely beautiful and inspiring, so heartfelt. Wishing only the best for your entire family!!!

  2. Sue Lund says:

    This is wonderful. I wish you and your family only the best. You guys are great and an inspiration 🙂

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