To Be Like Bugsy

I own a dog. A Boston Terrier, actually. He’s got more personality in his tiny runt body than any other non-Boston Terrier I’ve ever met. It’s a lovely part of the breed — he thinks he’s human and he adores being included in family activities. I named my dog Bugsy and he’s been a member of our family for almost three years.

I have to admit I don’t always pay much attention to Bugsy. I just take it for granted that he has a daily routine and will follow it as I go about my day. I feed him, put him outside when he needs it, and other than that, he (just like my children) must entertain himself.

Let me tell you about Bugsy.

He loves me unconditionally. He’s loyal. When he sees me, even if I’ve just walked into my bedroom for 30 seconds, he is ecstatic! He trusts me implicitly. When I toss him a treat, he gulps it down — he has never hesitated to see what it is — he knows I feed him only good things. He is patient with his younger ‘siblings’ – even when they want to drag him around, dress him up like a baby, or read to him for hours. When I take him for walks, he keeps his eyes fixed on me so that he knows where I’m directing him. If I ask him to ride in the car with me, he’s at the door before I finish my sentence — he never waffles and says, “Well, depends on where you’re taking me.”

Bugsy’s favorite things in the world: eating whatever I provide, basking in the sun, and sitting at my feet.

This remarkable little dog taught me something today. I was getting ingredients ready to make pizza and I dropped a slice of pepperoni. One of my kids picked it up and handed it to me and I tossed it to Bugsy. He gulped it down without hesitation and I realized that he trusts me that much. He doesn’t hesitate or question what or why I’m feeding him. He just eats it and he’s happy.

All he wants to do is please me. Sometimes he’s a bad dog and I correct him and he tucks his little stump of a tail under him and waits until I’m sitting and jumps in my lap for a hug. He doesn’t like when we are at odds.

This made me think of my relationship with God. I need to be more like my dog.

I love my LORD and I’m loyal to him — but do I trust Him with everything he feeds me? No. Sometimes I poke at it and push it around and wonder whether it’s really what’s best for me. I’m not always willing to follow Him — and I have told Him, “It depends on where you’re taking me.”

My three favorite things should be consuming God’s Word, basking in the Son, and sitting at His feet, but they aren’t. I struggle constantly with reading my Bible. Even though my days always have a running conversation, or prayer, between God and me, I often forget to begin my morning thanking Him for another day and asking Him to direct my path.

Pleasing my LORD should be my delight — always. That’s when it’s most difficult to let unrepented sin wreak havoc in my life — when I’m so close to Him that I can’t stand letting my sin put me at odds with my Daddy.

So here I go.

LORD, make me more like Bugsy. Help me to trust You without hesitation, keep my eyes fixed on You, let me delight in Your Word, keep me praying and listening, help me follow no matter where You are leading. Give me patience and love for my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and bring me to immediate repentance when I displease you.

I love you, Lord.

I love you.


One thought on “To Be Like Bugsy

  1. I didnt search this, but I love this, found it interesting! Keep up the good work!

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