Garden of My Dreams

Once upon I time I was a dreamer. I had so many wonderful musings that I filled a garden full of them. I eagerly planted seeds of hope that blossomed into vivid, colorful dreams. I filled my garden until it was bursting, and lovingly tended every wish. When I was still young someone came along who slowly and systematically killed each of those dreams. Eventually he twisted me from a dreamer into a realist.

What I never realized until now is that he broke something he had no right to be touching. I have never wanted to dream again because it scares me to possibly place hope in something, just to have it once again crushed under the foot of a careless visitor to my garden of dreams. But I still visit there and I want to take you with me…to show you who I once was…and for what I once hoped and dreamed.

Please pardon the rusty gate – I don’t tend this garden anymore, so the hinges shriek, but you can pass through safely. You’ll notice the cobblestone path leading in several directions — you won’t get lost as long as you keep to the cobbles. No matter where you step, you can do no damage since everything died long, long ago.

You won’t need to see everything, but we’ll hit the highlights. Starting at the west end, you can see the brittle brown remains of my career. I went to college to become a writer. I had so many dreams based in my writing and what I wanted to do with the gift I had. I was going to be a best-selling author, financially stable, able to take care of my parents, a husband, and hopefully children of my own. We would travel and explore the world, all the while fueling my imagination for more books.

I see that the debris is spilling all over the pathway. Just let me brush it away so you don’t trip. I suppose I need to at least come in and clear away the dead fall, but I never…


There’s something down here in the mass of decay. It looks like a tiny green bud…but I know I haven’t planted anything here. I’ll just clear around it so that it isn’t smothered and come back later to look more closely.

Heading to the east is the area where I kept all the dreams for my family. Only one other person in this world knows that I dreamed to have a husband like the one in the song Our House by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. It didn’t happen, although the closest I came was with my first husband, Chuck. He and I had so many dreams — they all withered and died the day I buried him.

This is embarrassing, but it looks like there’s some trash that has blown into the garden — there’s something red over there — if I didn’t know better I’d say it looked like a flower from here, but that can’t be…

What did you say? It’s a poppy? I haven’t ever planted a poppy seed in this garden, so I don’t know how it grew here…but look at how lovely it is in it’s delicate perfection. It looks quite determined to grow even in the midst of all this deterioration. It’s amazing how much life it brings this dismal garden. It actually makes me want to hope.

I need to leave. I want no part in hopes and dreams because they are so fragile and fleeting. It doesn’t take much to crush them.

Who is that man standing at the gate? He wasn’t there when we arrived.

“Excuse me, sir, but this is a private garden — no longer in use.”

“I am here to help. I can make it new.” He is smiling gently, kindly.

“There is nothing that needs to be done here – it’s just as I want it, but thank you.”

“The ground is fallow. It just needs to be cleared.”

“Why are you so interested in this place? It’s a mausoleum.”

“I want to make it new for you. I’ve already begun, as you saw while you were walking.”

“It was you who planted the little bud and the poppy?”

“He damaged something he should never have touched. I am here to renew.”

“I don’t want to hope, Gardener. I can’t take any more shattered dreams.”

“Do not place your dreams in the hands of man. Place them in Me.”

“You won’t fail me? Hurt me? Disappoint me?”

“I want to give you all that You desire — all that is good for you. I want to plant seeds of hope, love, contentment, success, joy, and happiness to start. Then more when you trust Me.”

“It’s hard to trust, but you’ve already shown by what you’ve planted that you want to help me begin dreaming again. Tend to my poppy and help it grow. Keep it safe from harm.”

“I’ve been sowing miracles in the ground that you haven’t even seen yet, my dear. Just wait and see what I have in store for you!”

“Let me help my visitor home, then I’ll come back and see what you are planning to do with my garden of dreams.”

“Prepare to be amazed…”


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