Melody’s Gift

My daughter, Melody, was awake early this morning and it was such a pleasure to have a few extra moments with her before she headed off to her classes. She was excited and told me that she had four gifts for me. While I was out of town helping a family member yesterday, she had recorded 4 new songs. For me — all for me.

I will post all of them eventually, but there is one in particular that you need to hear. It’s one of my favorite songs and I can never listen to it without being moved to tears at the thought of what my Savior — my Hero — did for me.

There is no video, just audio, but clicking here will redirect you to Melody covering Hero by Abandon.

Melody’s life is typical for a 21-year-old: college, work, friends. She’s a busy young woman. I don’t see much of her anymore, even though she lives at home, but I’m thankful for that, actually. I thank God that she can live a normal life now and is free to make her own decisions and chase her own dreams.

And the greatest gift this morning? Melody, herself. Her bubbly, giggling chatter as she hurriedly told me what she’s been working on. Her infectious smile. Her kiss and hug goodbye. Treasured gifts. Thank you, Melody.


One thought on “Melody’s Gift

  1. Rosanne says:

    She is an amazing daughter with a beautiful voice. I am so glad that you two are so close.

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