God, I have so many burdens today that I just want to take some time to talk to You about them. I never have answers, but You always do, so I know that in asking, You will provide a way for each situation. I thank you, Father, for how you love us — intimately — even though none of us deserve it, me most of all.

For Scout and Jem I ask that You continue to grow them, God, and keep them healthy. Help me to have wisdom in training these precious little ones and please let your grace cover us — protect them from the ways that I fail. Growing up without a dad is going to be challenging for them — I don’t know yet how to compensate for that. I have a feeling I really can’t, but that You can.

Sprout has been pretty angry lately, God. It’s almost impossible to get a 7-year-old to explain his feelings, so I need help to understand where it’s coming from and how I can help him cope. I don’t want him growing up to be an angry person — fill him with light and love, LORD, and meet the needs I don’t see — let his sweet little heart heal from the pain of the past. He never mentions his father, but I know he remembers. Show me how to help him, God. I want him to know how much he’s loved and I know that with 6 other siblings sometimes he’s overlooked. Help me show him that he is not only precious to me, but also to You, and that he is never alone or overlooked by his Heavenly Father.

I know Jedi is really trying to find his place in our family and doesn’t yet know what it is. I see how rejected he feels. God, I try to get him to open up and talk, but he won’t or can’t — I’m not sure which. My heart breaks over and over for him because he flounders around with no direction. He follows whoever appears to take the lead and that is going to eventually take him down some pretty dark alleys. Help him to see his worth, Father, and to know how much he is loved. It doesn’t seem that my hugs and I Love You’s even touch him. Show me how to love him the way he needs me to because he’s a tough one to figure out, God.

Vader is healing from an infection and I praise you, Great Physician, that he received treatment. In his desire to not be a burden he was suffering in silence and things could have been much worse by the time he told me what was going on. I know it was You who kept that infection from spreading. Vader has been doing so much at home so that I could be at the hospital while Artie was sick and I know he feels unappreciated, even though I’ve thanked him and acknowledged all of the work he’s done. He tells me so often that life isn’t fair and he gets so angry about it, God. I really need wisdom to help this boy. Anger is his first reaction to just about everything. It wears me down, so please build me back up, LORD. Whenever Vader comes at me with bitterness, rage, and disappointment, let me return love, hope, and forgiveness. I love him so.

You already know what it did to my heart when I got the call that Artie had collapsed at school and was unconscious and unresponsive. We are all still scared, God. Today was his first day back in school and he was very hesitant. Help Him to have peace knowing You are in control. Give the doctors wisdom as they continue to search for the reason Artie had a seizure and please keep it from happening again. Thank you that he was finally transferred to the children’s hospital last week and that they so quickly diagnosed the blockage he had. Thank you for the counseling Artie is receiving and for the way it is helping him. Draw him close to you, God.

Melody is so heartbroken, LORD. Betrayed by the one she loves, she’s reeling now. I’ve seen that hurt turn to bitterness and anger recently. Please, God, help her stand tall and keep walking. Ease the pain she has over losing so much — and so many. It seems as though every time she turns around, she loses someone else she loves. I know she’s strong like me, but sometimes our strength is a handicap because we forget to rely on You. I see how far she’s drifted from You, but she doesn’t — she thinks she’s still pretty close to shore. I see her making excuses for the people she’s allowing into her life and I pray continually that You will show her that she’s surrounding herself with friends that are very slowly drawing her heart from You. Bring her back, LORD.

Then there’s Tour, Zephyr, and Little Ninja. They are struggling to adjust to a broken home. Their mom doesn’t seem to care how they feel and has done nothing to help them work through their feelings. She thinks that kids are resilient and that they’ll be fine. What kid could just be fine when their family is torn apart, LORD? Someone needs to help them figure out all the things they aren’t understanding…and all the feelings they can’t even identify. Please send someone who can help them, God. Let someone see that these kids are hurting and trying to figure out a way to fix everything. Whatever I can do to help them, God, just show me and I’ll gladly do it.

Atticus, LORD. I know You already know, but I’m standing in the gap for him now. His poor health is causing so many difficulties for him. I see how discouraged he is and I don’t know what to do. Please supply him with the strength he needs to do all that is required of him. Give him direction, LORD. I know he’s seeking Your face…reveal it, God. Help him walk when he doesn’t think he can do it alone. Show him where he belongs. I particularly ask that you surround him with people who love You. Thank you for Lake Ridge Church and for how much healing it has brought to Atticus. There are parts of him that are so broken that it grieves me to even think of them. You can heal it all, LORD, and I ask you to do that in Jesus’ name. He’s a great dad. The more he heals, the better of a dad he can be to his kids. He needs help with his depression, God. I know there is someone who can help him. Send them, God.

I know you can do anything, LORD. I’ve seen it. Send deliverance and healing, love and peace – In Jesus’ name…



One thought on “Prayer

  1. These are beautiful prayers. Thank you for sharing your heart by sharing these prayers. What a blessing it is to know we can approach His throne confident in Him hearing and answering!

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