Insight From A Friend

some of the dearest moments ever counted are those on roads i didnt want to travel. some of the most awe inspiring doors i have passed through are where there had been no way before.
some of the warmest truest people i have come to know are ones i never wanted to meet…and the greatest rewards i have ever received came from letting go of that i wished to hold on to.
pain brimming in tears to be shed have instead freed happiness in the moment the way beyond opened. hope has renewed everything when what i wanted most was to give up in despair.
quietly…realization rises — how great my progression would be if i could just get myself and my emotions out of the way…how hard i have struggled against a door only to find it opens in — inward…where hope, trust and faith dwell.

These beautiful words were written by my very dear friend, jh. I’m honored that she agreed to be a guest on my blog because I have always looked up to her and appreciated her wisdom. Few people know what her outspokenness did to help my children and me, but after I left our abuser she was one of the first people I contacted because I knew she had always known what we were surviving. I’m thankful that God gave me a friend like her – they are rare.

I’m also so incredibly grateful that I get to walk all of this life with her…and then in the next, as well. Much, much love, jh…


One thought on “Insight From A Friend

  1. Oh wow…a friend with this kind of wisdom is most certainly a blessing.

    It breaks my heart to know that you and your children had to endure such hardships, but I rejoice in God’s goodness through friendships like this and the church family you have found!

    Thanks for sharing her words of wisdom!

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