Just For You

It’s time for a ‘commercial break’ from Life of Valor.

This is for you and about you.

Because you are special.


A gift.

You’ve given me laughter.

And music.


Unspeakable joy.



Focus and direction.


You are my muse for Life of Valor…

Because you helped me bring her to life.

You accept me for who I am.

You don’t judge me for for my past.

If you aren’t understanding me,

you trust God to help you figure it out…

and He does.

Never an angry word.

Always my friend.


Only you will really get my next word:


And now I can hear you chuckling.

I appreciate you.

I’ve always known you…

So I’ve always known the path we would walk.

I don’t know the future…

I only know now.

And that it’s right.

It’s a God thing…

this thing we have.

You are my rock when I need support

and the softest pair of arms when I need comfort.

And the kewlest thing about you is that

when you began reading…

you didn’t realize it was about you.

How many lines did it take?

I already know the answer…


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