He carries a bubble gum pink comb in his pocket because it’s my favorite color…yet when he gets teased about it, he says it’s to support breast cancer awareness and the kids back off.

He lives for Star Wars, Rise of Nations, and Medal of Honor…but he’ll snuggle next to me and help me solve Agatha Christie games.

He acts so very, very tough…until he gets home and tells me how hard it is to listen to the kids at school tease him because his dad’s not around.

He’s had difficulty finding that one real friend who gets him and likes what he likes…until he met Jonathan.

He tries to be soooooo cool, but really he’s just a dork like me…and it’s so very endearing to my heart.

He badgers me about using Facebook…until it dawns on him to stop and really look at me and ask me if I’m okay.

He thinks he hides his heart…but mothers always see through the camouflage.

He’s working to do better and be better…and I hope he knows that every attempt makes me love and respect him more than yesterday. More than 5 minutes ago.

He’s afraid he’ll mess up so badly that I won’t want him with me…but he forgets that I risked it all to keep us together.

He thinks he has everyone fooled…but he’s only fooling himself.

He’s finally learning that being annoying gets him the attention he doesn’t want…but being athletic gets him the attention he craves.

He’s shown implicit obedience through fear of abuse…I want him to make normal teen-age boy trouble…and know there’s always safety with me.

He yelled at me every day until I got sick…now he hugs me instead.

He grumbles about doing his chores…but jumps at the chance to bring me a drink and kiss me on the forehead.

He doesn’t know what his future holds…but with a heart like his, I know it’s going to be something great.



2 thoughts on “He

  1. Neeks says:

    Sounds like a wonderful son. You’ve taught him well. I could only hope for a child like that, you are blessed.

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