I Quit! Isn’t it wonderful??

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it isn’t the right time for dating or romantic relationships. I’m not ready. I can’t give to a relationship all that it would need, so I’m giving it over to God, knowing He will hold my heart and keep it from harm.

Now is the time to raise my kids – to be completely there for them…as much as a single parent can be there. My needs can wait. Their needs cannot. My seven hearts come first, always, and they need to be secure in that knowledge. Being such incredible kids, they encourage me to date and have fun. However, every time I’m out and one of my boys calls me because the babies want to say goodnight, it hurts my heart to blow kisses over the phone knowing there are two little ones needing Momma to kiss them and tickle their bellies as they are tucked in for sleep. I find that I would rather be with them.

Dating has broken my heart and made me feel discontent, so I quit. I’m glad to say for once that I quit something. I’m going back to what made me content…my seven hearts waiting for me at home.


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