My Shelter Video

My children and I fled our home in December of 2009. We spent 3 extremely long months in a domestic violence shelter. It was a very difficult place to live and a couple of times I almost went back to my abuser. For our own safety, the shelter in which we stayed was military-tight. We were safe, which was the main concern, but we also felt trapped and alone, as we could have no visitors at this undisclosed location. The counselors and staff slowly helped us to understand abuse, abusers, and victims. We underwent intense therapy to help us cope with some very serious post traumatic stress. We learned how to accept our past and move forward. The staff helped us see that we are unique and special individuals, yet also a very exceptional family.

All of the photos were taken during out stay at the shelter. Whenever I watch it, I’m still amazed at the progress we made in 3 months. We are one of the success stories. And I thank God every day. Freedom is priceless. It is also a gift…


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