Christmas 2010

I created this video for my children because we enjoy watching a movie with our favorite music much more than just leafing through photographs or scrapbooks. Christmas 2010 was technically our 2nd Yuletide away from our abuser, but our first Christmas was just a few weeks after we left and we were shell shocked and too frightened to even remember much.

My goal for this holiday season was to give the children a glimpse of the festivity I enjoyed as a child and also to show them what they could look forward to as the years pass. We worked hard to accomplish goals such as shopping and decorating. Then our plans were put on hold when my oldest daughter had to be hospitalized. I worried and cried a lot. I feared for her health and bargained with God. Thankfully she came home in time to celebrate with us.

Christmas Day was amazing. We laughed and enjoyed one another. Ben ripped open any gifts he got his hands on, Pip toddled around trying on everyone’s clothes, the boys shot each other with nerf guns, Sara got to unwrap jewelry. My goal was realized with the help of 7 amazing children. And next year will be even better…


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2010

  1. Noel says:

    I loved your video! Thanks for sharing!!

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