This Mother’s Prayer

So many needs that I must meet
Each morning when I rise
Help me, Lord, give strength to greet
Them without discontented sighs.








Let my seven hearts see love
In every step I take;

Grace when I’m at the beck and call of
Children I will not forsake.







Cooking, cleaning, keeping pace
I’m drowning as my day begins
Keep me focused on each face
And their lovely, goofy grins.










They need so much and I fall short
In meeting every expectation;
Strength provide to give support
We need a firm foundation.









I am just one and need my space
Sometimes we’re set apart
Help me to return to place
Binding on each wounded heart.











We eight have pain and damage
As You can plainly see
Lord, please help me manage
Keep me soft and temper me.


2 thoughts on “This Mother’s Prayer

  1. Noel says:

    You have such a way with words. I’m assuming you wrote this?

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