John Lennon

This is hands down my favorite John and Yoko image. I love the way she’s looking at him and I’m amazed at the intensity shown on his face.

Today everyone I know has been talking about the tragic death of John Lennon 30 years ago. I’ve heard the ‘where were you’ stories, but was particularly touched by the story of a friend who experienced a very deep and personal encounter at the time of John Lennon’s murder.

We are connected, every one to each other. Sometimes the bond is deep and strong, other times it is fleeting and ethereal, but still there and never to be disregarded. We are more than flesh and blood – we are living souls seeking to slake our thirst for decency, respect, and love from other like-minded spirits traveling the same path. The experiences we have along the way are what help shape us.

Sometimes we are blessed enough to be touched by the greatness of another human being. Maybe it isn’t anyone famous, but we’ve all had our idols, heroes, or mentors and become better humans for the experience. John Lennon was never my idol, per se, but there are several things I admire greatly about him. The attribute I admire the most? He loved with passion. That cannot be disputed. When I see photographs or news footage of John and Yoko, it proves out over and over that they loved greatly and deeply. I have said time and time again that I do not believe in love that lasts a lifetime, yet I find myself wondering if John and Yoko had what it took…and then I realize their love did last a lifetime – John’s lifetime. I’m glad they gave the world a glimpse of what love can be. It gives me hope, and you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…


4 thoughts on “John Lennon

  1. Beautiful. ❤ I agree… something very special about the love they had. It's like they 'saw' each other.

  2. Did my first post post??? Hmmm… Ok… repeat:
    Beautiful! ❤ I agree, there was something very special about their love. It is as if they really 'saw' each other. I am a dreamer too… 😉

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