How to Heal a Wound

It’s amazing how caring for our physical self parallels how we need to care for our inner self. The spirit and soul need nurturing as much as our flesh and blood. I’ve spent many sleepless nights searching for and reading articles on how to heal from abuse. Amazingly, the best advice I’ve read to date was from a website called eHow.  From a post entitled “How to Heal Open Wounds Faster” I learned these truths:

1. Get medical attention if needed – this is the first step in how to heal an open wound faster. Some of the reasons open wounds need medical attention are:
– they are very deep
– the two pieces of skin seem separated (even if the open wound is not deep)
– they look infected
– they occurred in a non-sanitary location
– you cut yourself on a hazardous substance
– they might have pieces of glass, metal, rust, etc. inside themThe doctor might decide stitches or gluing is needed to properly heal the wound. If done promptly and correctly, this medical intervention is the best way to heal serious open wounds faster.
Well, we all know that when we have  a severe injury we need to see a doctor, have it checked, learn how to treat it. But do we seek a doctor when our soul has been torn open, when our non-physical being is crying, broken, and bleeding? Not always. Not enough. Sometimes we tend to brush the pain aside and vow to deal with it another day. Or we tell ourselves it isn’t that bad. All the while, our broken souls try to stand up and limp forward…not really making progress because our shattered spirit can’t support the weight of our being with the myriad broken shards grinding away inside, rendering more and greater damage.

The inner wounds are so much deeper than the physical. When a heart is broken, are not two pieces of ourselves torn asunder? When not properly treated, any wound festers and can quickly become life threatening. Any wound – even in the soul. Unsanitary conditions? Yes, even those can occur in the spirit. Unsanitary basically equates to unhealthy. Therefore, any unhealthy emotion – anxiety, hatred, bitterness – brings illness and disease, damaging the integrity of the soul.

I have a friend who had some severe ‘road rash’ from an accident on his bike. He said the pain was indescribable, but he thought it came fairly close to being set on fire. The dirt, bits of glass, and gravel grated in the wounds causing more damage the more he moved. The removal of the debris was excruciating, but he tells me once the foreign objects were gone, the pain was still there, yet the wounds felt unpolluted. I know this to be true, also, when referencing wounds to the inner self. Cleaning out the shards that cut us so deeply is an integral step to bring healing. It cannot be avoided or skipped over.

2. Avoid infection – make sure to wash the open wound well with soap and water and use an anti-septic. If an infection occurs, this will delay the healing of the wound and make it heal slower.
So, what equates to soap and water for the soul? For everyone it’s different. For me it began with prayer. Then exploring me in therapy. Cleaning the infection was partly about learning about my abuser, but mostly it pertained to learning about me. It’s an on-going process.  From these two things, forgiveness was born. Then the ability to love myself, accept myself, and to learn to let others love and accept me. Healing is a gift I gave to myself. Because I know I am worthy of it.

3. Apply a bandage to the wound initially but not forever – use a sterile bandage to cover the wound to keep infection out, but make sure to change the bandage frequently and especially if it gets wet or dirty. Initially using a bandage can help heal the open wound.

However, after the wound is settled, if the open wound is minor, you should leave the bandage off to let the wound air out. The fresh air will help heal the open wound faster. If you are unsure, ask your doctor how long you should leave on a bandage for your particular type of open wound.

Oh, yes, there are bandages for the soul. But they are only to be temporary. My bandage was grief. I wrapped myself in grief. I cried. I poured my soul out to the Most High God and He held me safely in the palm of His hand. I experienced all the stages, in no particular order. Disbelief, anger, bargaining, you name it. It was all there. And when that bandage was completely saturated with impurities, I peeled it away and exposed a soul that was pink, raw, and tender…but healing. Yes, I applied the bandage again. It needed to be there to wick away all that had defiled my soul. When I was able to lay that grief to rest – and it was an actual moment when I felt it depart from me – I was able to see that underneath there was a new and different me. No open wound, but a tender pink scar that I never need to hide.

4. Some people say to apply natural remedies to heal open wounds faster (such as salt, essential oils such as lavender and tea tree, honey, etc.).

Not a truer word spoken, I’m sure. Natural remedies for the soul? Every pleasant and wonderful thing! Laughter. Love. Acceptance. Giving . Receiving. Being. Embracing.

For me? Loving my children. Reconnecting with loved ones. Freedom. Music. Dancing. Friends. Allowing myself to be loved. Allowing myself to love. It’s about the joy in the everyday and the appreciation of the things I’d never expected. It’s allowing the pain to sink quietly into the ocean of the past, while keeping my eyes on the future rising before me. It’s also about learning the steps to this dance called Life.

For you? It might be a sunset, watching the birth of your child, helping someone leave this life with love and dignity, love-making with a person who magnifies your soul, or simply a walk through the rustling leaves in fall. You have to choose your joy.

As for me, I’m healing every day and I’m learning to love the dance…


One thought on “How to Heal a Wound

  1. very beautiful and heartfelt. I’m glad you’ve found a reason to dance 🙂

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